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Return Policy

We offer full product returns. No Questions Asked.

We do not offer refunds on *Services Rendered in a return instance. 
*Services rendered include anything related to shipping and/or Installation (e.g. Freight, Chicagloland Delivery, or Curbside Drop Offs). That means if you want to return the unit you will have to pay to ship it back to us, and we will not refund the amount we paid for shipping the product to you (outbound shipping). If damages occur between your location and ours, the repairs will be taken out of the equipment purchase price.

To avoid any financial loss, we recommend exploring our Exchange Policy instead of a Return.**

Exchange Policy:
There are no exchanges on Freight Shipments outside of Chicagoland.  (eg. You live in Washington and want an exchange on elliptical x, this will not happen)  If this is your situation and you have a technnical issue we will first look at the warranty you selected (printed in your invoice), then get you service using our technician database (by zip code) and cover what the warranty states, again, per your selection. If you are in Chicagoland (30 mile Radius from Downers Grove, IL this paragraph does not apply to you, go to "Chicagoland Only".

Chicagoland Only: 
We offer ONE free exchange, also referred to as a "swap out", per transaction and within the first 15 days of original delivery.  That means if you have an issue or want to change product for any reason, we will provide this service to you complimentary using the same shipping medium selected  at checkout (eg curbside, install, or local pickup). However, it is only good for a machine of equal or lesser value, if the machine you select has a higher sale price you have to pay the difference in the equipment product.
After the one free exchange is utilized and you have another issue(s) with exchanged product we will recruit the warranty implemented on your purchase.* From that point there wil be no more swap outs, just servicing the machine you have under the warranty parameters of the transaction**

**The Exception for Returns and Exchanges are "as is" warranty selections. Usually we make this warranty option available on really low price/quality items and it means there is no warranty on the product you are purchasing.